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As things go DIGITAL, so is LEARNING. I am into exploring new platforms where exchange of ideas can easily be found and happen. Let us help each other in learning new ideas even in the comfort of our homes.

Discover Hidden Talents

I am a consistent honor student since I started my schooling way back in elementary. However, I have this feeling that what I have achieved is not enough. I won in essay writing competition. I competed in division and regional levels for Photojournalism. I became the Editor-in-Chief in my previous school in San Joaquin. I also had the chance to be a resource speaker in Photojournalism even at a young age. I achieved a lot of things but I felt empty. I guess there is something in me that is not yet introduced to other people. A version of me way farther from books and purely intelligence kind of assessment. I tried my luck in joining pageants. Well, as expected it is not easy since it is my first time. However, first is always unforgettable. I won as the First-runner-up and other minor awards. I know that this is not the end of my journey. I am still hoping for better things to come on my way. How about you? What is your story? My inbox is always open for your story.

A sneak peak of my achievements

This is not to boast but to raise inspiration towards my fellow students that even at a young age we can achieve everything if we want to. We should embody the true spirit of being a Filipino “TAAS NOO KAHIT KANINO”.

Long time purpose in life

Teaching is a tool to separate FIlipino families from poverty and ignorance. Also to help the government to train and build future builders of this nation.

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